Martin 1T IZ Ukulele

Embrace the Legend: Martin 1T IZ Ukulele

Discover the Martin 1T IZ Ukulele, a true embodiment of a musical legend. Its distinctive design and mesmerizing sound are tributes to a timeless ukulele heritage, capturing the essence of a rich musical past. This model, steeped in history, is a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Martin 1T IZ Ukulele

Crafted with Passion, Played with Joy

More than just an instrument, each Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele is a masterpiece, showcasing Martin's unwavering commitment to excellence. From the selection of fine woods to the precision in construction, every detail reflects a passion for quality. Holding this ukulele, you'll feel the care and expertise woven into its creation.

Martin 1T IZ Ukulele

A Sound That Resonates

The Martin 1T IZ Ukulele's sound profile is both deep and lively, striking a chord with your heartstrings. It's not just heard; it's felt – resonating deeply with each strum. Its vibrant tones create a melodic tapestry that speaks directly to the soul, inviting players into a world of rich, acoustic bliss.

Martin 1T IZ Ukulele

A Journey in Every Note

Embark on a musical adventure with the IZ Ukulele. Each note played opens a door to exploration, weaving stories and emotions into a tapestry of sound. This ukulele is not just an instrument; it's a companion on a journey through the realms of rhythm and melody.

Connect with History

Owning the Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele means connecting with a significant slice of musical history. It's a bridge to the past, honoring the traditions and sounds that have shaped the ukulele's story. This instrument isn't just played; it's cherished as a meaningful link to a rich musical lineage.

Martin 1T IZ Ukulele


  • BODY SIZE: Tenor Ukulele
  • FINISH TOP: Satin
  • TOP, BACK, AND SIDES : Genuine Solid Quilted Mahogany
  • BRIDGE AND FRETBOARD: East Indian Rosewood
  • SADDLE: Compensated Black Tusq
  • NECK JOINS BODY AT: 14th Fret
  • TUNING MACHINES: Pegheds Black Planetary Gear
  • HEADPLATE MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood
  • KNOB: Large
  • CASE: Hard Foam Soft-Shell
  • LABEL: 2 Paper Labels - 1 Signed by Widow of Israel & numbered in Sequence w/o Total - 1 w/photo of IZ
  • STRINGS: MARTIN M625 Graphite Gray Polygut Ukulele Strings - HIGH G

A Ukulele for All

The Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele is designed for everyone. Its welcoming playability makes it a perfect fit for both novices and seasoned players. Its versatility and ease of play allow every musician to experience the joy and richness of ukulele music. Embrace the difference and make your musical mark with this exceptional instrument.

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