KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Introducing the KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele: A Musical Marvel at Terry Carter Music Store

Step into a world of musical splendor with the KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele, affectionately known as "Rosey," exclusively available at Terry Carter Music Store. Crafted meticulously from premium curly Koa, both the top and back, this ukulele promises an unparalleled journey into the realm of harmonious melodies.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Craftsmanship Elevated: The Captivating Design of the KoAloha KCM-RED "Rosey"

Marvel at the captivating design and superior craftsmanship evident in every detail of the KoAloha KCM-RED. Adorned with a Mother of Pearl Rosette and Diamond Fret Markers, its solid Koa construction is complemented by Black/White Purfling and Lacewood binding, while the KoAloha Custom Bridge Patch ensures structural integrity.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Unleash Your Musical Potential: Experience Unparalleled Sound with the KoAloha KCM-RED

Strumming enthusiasts and melody maestros alike will revel in the unparalleled sound and performance of the KoAloha KCM-RED. Featuring an Ebony Fretboard and Bridge, Premium Hipshot Tuners, and a TUSQ Nut & Saddle, this ukulele guarantees precision and longevity in every note.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Unveiling the KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele: A Masterpiece of Sound and Craftsmanship

Crafted from premium curly Koa, its top, back, and sides promise exceptional resonance and durability. Adorned with Mother of Pearl Rosette sound hole and Diamond fret markers, it exudes elegance.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Dive into the Intricate Details of the KoAloha KCM-RED: Premium Materials and Exquisite Design

Binding in lacewood and black/white purfling highlight its intricate design. The ebony fretboard and bridge complement its aesthetics and enhance playability. With premium Hipshot tuners and TUSQ nut & saddle, tuning stability is unmatched.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Experience Elegance in Every Note: The KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele at Terry Carter Music Store

Experience the signature KoAloha sound with its patented "Musubi" soundhole and custom bridge patch bracing. Its 17-fret, 15" scale length design, and 1.5" nut width ensure comfort and versatility. Made in Hawaii, it epitomizes craftsmanship and tradition, resonating with KoAloha fluorocarbon strings and G-C-E-A tuning.

KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele

Embrace Hawaiian Artistry: Discover the KoAloha KCM-RED at Terry Carter Music Store

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Hawaiian craftsmanship with the KoAloha KCM-RED Concert Ukulele. Each aspect of its design, from the KoAloha 5-pointed Crown Headstock to the patented "Musubi" Soundhole, reflects a commitment to excellence. Made in Hawaii, this ukulele beckons you to embrace the melodic paradise it offers, tuning your heartstrings to the rhythms of joy and harmony.

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