Kanile'a KPA Mastergrade Baritone Ukulele

Kanile'a KPA Mastergrade Baritone Ukulele

Immerse in the enchanting design of the Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele, boasting an Abalone Rosette and Ebony Binding. Crafted with mastergrade Hawaiian koa, it's a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, captivating the eyes and beckoning exploration of its musical prowess.

Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele

Legacy of Tradition: Own a Ukulele, Plant a Koa Tree - Fostering Hawaiian Heritage and Aloha Spirit

Embrace tradition by becoming a custodian of Hawaiian heritage. With each Kanile'a ukulele, a koa tree is planted, fostering the spirit of Aloha and environmental sustainability. Own a piece of legacy and contribute to the nurturing of timeless traditions.

Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele

Baritone Brilliance: Unmatched Sound, Feel, and Playability in Kanile'a's Finest Koa Ukulele

Unmatched sound, feel, and playability define the Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele. Renowned for crafting superior instruments, Kanile'a's selection of koa wood results in extraordinary tonal qualities. Prepare to be enchanted by its harmonious resonance, feel, and effortless playability.

Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele

Crafted in Hawaii: Authentic Masterpiece - Experience Harmonious Resonance and Craftsmanship

Crafted in Hawaii by skilled luthiers, this custom shop ukulele embodies perfection in sound and craftsmanship. The authentic Hawaiian tenor ukulele in your hands showcases the harmonious resonance of a true masterpiece, a work of art from paradise.

Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele

Cultural Fusion: Pāua Rosette on Koa Wood - Bridging Māori and Hawaiian Traditions

The Kanile'a KPA Baritone Ukulele unveils the Pāua Rosette, a fusion of Māori and Hawaiian traditions. The thick pāua rosette on curly koa wood symbolizes the vibrant colors, rhythmic movement, and iridescence of the Pacific Ocean waves, celebrating the union of Polynesian cultures with grace and beauty.


Premium Koa Wood: Unleash Your Individuality - Awe-Inspiring Grain Patterns and Captivating Swirls

Experience individuality with premium Mastergrade Koa wood, showcasing awe-inspiring grain patterns, mesmerizing curves, and captivating swirls. Own an instrument that mirrors your distinctiveness and revel in the joy of playing a true masterpiece.


Honoring Tradition, Family, and Aloha for Over 25 Years

For over two decades, Kanile'a has stood as one of the few companies dedicated to crafting top-of-the-line Hawaiian Koa baritone ukuleles. Rooted in tradition, family values, and the spirit of Aloha, Kanile'a ensures that every instrument exudes excellence and unparalleled artistry. Elevate your musical experience and proudly showcase an instrument that will become a cherished part of your life.

Get the Kanile'a KPA Mastergrade Solid Koa Baritone Ukulele "Kealani" HERE

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