Kala Revelator Ukulele: Your Ticket to the Perfect Wave of Sound

Riding the Perfect Wave of Sound with the Kala Revelator Tenor Ukulele

Aloha ukulele enthusiasts! As the salty breeze kisses your cheeks and the beachy vibe settles in, we've got an exciting new addition at Terry Carter Music Store that's guaranteed to tickle your ukulele-loving hearts. Soak in the beach sun, catch the perfect wave of sound, and let's surf through the splendid world of the Kala Revelator Tenor Ukulele.

Surfing the Sonic Wave: Meet the Kala Revelator Tenor Ukulele

Strap in and hold tight, folks, because the Revelator is a game-changer, a real revelation in the world of ukuleles. Handcrafted in Kala Brand Music Co.'s Lutherie Studio in Petaluma, California, the Revelator is nothing short of an acoustic marvel. This "Acoustic Anomaly" has managed to achieve the impossible - a slimline electro-acoustic ukulele that packs the acoustic tone and volume of a full-bodied ukulele.

The Creative Wave: Pete Howlett x Kala Lutherie Studio

The Revelator is the prodigious offspring of Kala's Luthier Team's collaboration with the renowned U.K. Luthier, Pete Howlett. Howlett, an experienced hand with over three decades of guitar and ukulele handcrafting under his belt, has lent his inspired design approach to the crafting of the Revelator. As of early 2023, Kala Brand Music Co. carries the torch passed on by Pete for the production and distribution of this phenomenal instrument.

The Sight: The Revelator’s Exotic Aesthetics

There's an irresistible charm about the Revelator, much like the tantalizing allure of the beach sunset. This instrument is a feast for the eyes, featuring elegant and exotic curves inspired by the Nautilus shell, a long-time captivator of beholders. The Korina construction, an exotic tonewood from West Africa, lends the Revelator its distinctively glowing aesthetic. Each Revelator is a one-of-a-kind creation, making your ukulele distinct and unique, much like every wave that crashes onto the shore.

The Science: Innovative Design of the Revelator

The unique features and styling of the Revelator are integral to its sound, playability, and overall appearance. This slimline electro-acoustic ukulele is lightweight yet remarkably sturdy, even under the most rigorous playing. The hand-shaped neck flows seamlessly into the body, allowing the player access to its generous 22 frets. Moreover, the beveled comfort body edges make for an easy strumming and picking experience, while the body and top designs harmonize perfectly, allowing the ukulele to resonate to its highest potential.

The Sound: Catching the Sonic Wave of the Revelator

Now, let's ride the wave of the Revelator's sound. The unique design maximizes the resonance and vibration of the radius ukulele top. The slim design and minimal top bracing allow the energy and power of the strings to work in sync with the top, producing a clear, articulate tone with surprising volume and impressive sustain. The Nautilus sound hole, positioned nearest the player's ears, gives an instant tonal response. The Revelator is indeed alive with sound and tone and is a true pleasure to play.

Surfing the Specs of the Revelator

Get ready to paddle through the impressive lineup of the Revelator. We've got a tenor size ukulele featuring a solid Korina top, back, and sides. The UV-Cured Satin finish gives it a luxurious sheen. The fingerboard is ebony, and the strings are a blend of Brown Fluorocarbon by Worth with Wound G & C by D'Addario. The passive Piezo electronics ensure a clean and clear sound, while the Florentine cutaway adds an elegant touch to its design.

Ride the Final Wave: A Call to Action for All Ukulele Enthusiasts

Alright, ukulele surfers, here's the final wave. If you're on the lookout for a premium, handbuilt ukulele made in the USA, your search ends here. Ride the musical wave with us. The Kala Revelator Tenor Ukulele is waiting for you at Terry Carter Music Store. It's time to catch this wave, cowabunga! Surf on over and get your hands on your very own Revelator. It's not just any ukulele, it's a Revelator. So, are you ready to feel the beach vibe in every chord and let the Revelator take your music to places it's never been before? We're waiting for you with the Revelator and a song in our hearts. Surf the sound wave with us, and let the music set you free!


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