Kala KA-BMB-T Tenor Ukulele

The Kala KA-BMB-T: A Symphony of Craftsmanship at Terry Carter Music Store

Introducing the Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele, a masterpiece in musical craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the beauty of solid bamboo, meticulously curated to create a visual and auditory delight. The satin finish adds sophistication to its allure, elevating its appeal. 

Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

Immerse Yourself in the Elegance of Solid Bamboo

Crafted with precision, the neck, fingerboard, and headstock resonate with a harmonious blend, all intricately fashioned from bamboo. The slotted headstock, coupled with Graphtech Tusq nut and saddle, ensures impeccable tuning stability, promising a seamless playing experience.Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

Precision and Stability

Strumming to the rhythm of Aquila Super Nylgut strings, this ukulele unveils a melodic journey, inviting you to dive into a symphony of acoustic brilliance. The lower bout/ butt strap button allows for effortless playing, enhancing its accessibility and playability.

Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

Unveil Melodic Brilliance

In this musical marvel, specifications dance together seamlessly. With a 16.87" scale length, 26.5" overall length, and 18 frets, it's a masterpiece measuring 9.25" at the lower bout, 6.93" at the upper bout, and 5.81" at the waist. A 1.37" nut width completes the ensemble, ensuring a comfortable grip for players of all levels.

Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele

Musical Marvel in Numbers

Experience the rhythm and elegance of the Kala KA-BMB-T Tenor Ukulele, meticulously crafted to inspire musical journeys filled with harmony and grace. Visit Terry Carter Music Store today and let this exquisite instrument be your companion in creating beautiful melodies.

Get the Kala KA-BMB-T Solid Bamboo Tenor Ukulele "Viking" HERE

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