Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele

Banjolele Bliss Unleashed: Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele Hits Terry Carter Music Store

Introducing the Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele, now available at Terry Carter Music Store! After years of customer requests, this highly anticipated instrument has finally arrived. Known affectionately as the banjolele, it promises stress-free and relaxing melodies with just a few strums. This makes it the perfect choice for players of all levels.

Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele

Portable Melodies Anywhere: The Lightweight Wonder - Perfect for Beach, Office, Camping, or Boating

Thanks to its small and lightweight design, the Deering Goodtime Banjolele is a breeze to transport, making it an ideal companion for trips to the beach, office, camping, or boating adventures. Despite its compact size, the concert scale and 11" rim deliver a warm, louder, and fuller sound, ensuring that your music resonates beautifully in any setting.

Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele

Warm, Loud, Full Sound: Deering Goodtime Banjolele's Concert Scale and 11" Rim Shine

What sets the Deering Goodtime Banjolele apart is its attention to detail and superior tone quality. The instrument features a naturally warm renaissance head and patented bridge plate, which work in harmony to enhance the tone by reducing unwanted bass frequencies and increasing sustain. Whether you're an experienced banjo or ukulele player or someone looking to embark on a new musical journey, the Deering Goodtime Banjolele offers a warm and round sound that everyone can appreciate.

Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele

Precision and Comfort: Deering Goodtime Banjolele Neck Specifications

Crafted from durable Rock Maple, the Deering Goodtime Banjolele boasts a satin finish neck with 17 pressed-in nickel silver frets. Its 1 3/8" nut width, made from Lexan Polycarbonate, ensures comfortable playability, while sealed geared tuners guarantee smooth and precise tuning adjustments.

Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele

Crafted for Excellence: Deering Goodtime Banjolele Pot Specifications

The Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele boasts a high-quality pot construction, featuring an 11" 3-ply violin grade maple rim and an 11" Renaissance high crown head. It is equipped with a beveled steel tension hoop, 16 flat J-hooks with 9/32" hex nuts, and nickel hardware plating. The banjolele also includes a patented Goodtime tailpiece and is finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane with carnauba wax finish, ensuring durability and exceptional tone quality.


Compact Brilliance: Deering Goodtime Banjolele Dimension Specifications

The Deering Goodtime Concert Banjolele boasts a neck width of 1 3/8" at the nut, a scale length of 15" from nut to bridge, and an 11" rim diameter. With an overall instrument length of 23 1/2" and a weight of approximately 4 lbs, it's compact yet substantial for comfortable playing.

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Versatile Delight for All Players: Experience the Beauty of Deering's Goodtime Banjolele Today

Discover the joy of playing the Deering Goodtime Banjolele at Terry Carter Music Store today. With its beautiful craftsmanship and inviting sound, this instrument is sure to inspire creativity and delight for years to come. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this versatile and charming banjolele to your musical collection!

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