Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele "Kapiolani"

Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele: An Exclusive Masterpiece at Terry Carter Music Store

Artistry Meets Craftsmanship

Every remarkable musical instrument tells a story of craftsmanship. The Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele, exclusively available at Terry Carter Music Store, narrates this tale eloquently, weaving precision with passion.

Signature Creation by Peter Marreiros

The genius behind this instrument, Peter Marreiros, adds a touch of mastery. His reputation as a master builder shines through in every facet of this ukulele, showcasing dedication and expertise.

Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele FRONT

Hawaiian Elegance Captured

Drenched in the rich traditions of Hawaiian design, this Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele embodies island magic. Made from the finest Hawaiian curly koa wood, it promises an auditory journey reminiscent of Hawaiian shores.

Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele BACK

Soundboard Superiority

The Mastergrade Curly Koa soundboard ensures that each note played is pure bliss. Combined with design elements such as the White Turquoise Stone and Abalone Shell Rosette, it harmoniously melds beauty with acoustic excellence.

Peter Marreiros Handmade Uke Rosette

A Glimpse into Tribal Heritage

Dive deep into tradition with the Peak Design adorned with Tribal Engravings. This design element not only enhances its visual appeal but also pays homage to the rich musical traditions it represents.

Designed for Comfort and Performance

Music transcends when the instrument becomes an extension of the artist. With its optimal scale length of 17.5" and overall length of 26.8", this ukulele promises comfort without compromising on performance.

Koa Armrest

The Unmistakable Sound

Tuned to its perfect G-C-E-A with wound Low G, its sound is distinctive. Every strum is set to captivate, leaving both the musician and the audience enthralled.

Proudly American: A Symbol of Excellence

Crafted in the USA, this Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele stands as a testament to quality and innovation. Each piece underscores a legacy, backed by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its elite status.

Safeguarding Your Musical Gem

Understanding the value of this masterpiece, each purchase is paired with a protective hardshell case. It's not just about preserving the instrument; it's about cherishing the music that flows from it.

Hardshell CASE

Terry Carter Music Store: Your Destination for Musical Excellence

Our store is not just a retail space; it's a haven for music enthusiasts. We are honored to introduce the Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele to our esteemed clientele, a testament to our commitment to musical excellence.

Conclusion: A Legacy Awaits

In the vast world of musical instruments, the Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele has carved its niche. At Terry Carter Music Store, we invite you to be a part of this legacy, embracing the unparalleled harmonious journey it promises.

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