Cordoba Stage Edge Burst Nylon Electric Guitar

Enchanting Design: The Cordoba Stage Edge Burst Guitar

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst, available at Terry Carter Music Store, epitomizes artistry and innovation. Its design, akin to a sun-kissed horizon, enchants even before the first chord. The glossy finish, blending warm amber hues with bursts, creates a visual spectacle reflecting vibrant energy on stage.

Cordoba Stage Burst Electric Guitar

Exceptional Playability: Effortless Navigation Across the Fretboard

What sets it apart is its exceptional playability. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing effortless navigation across the fretboard. With each strum, feel a heavenly connection, inspiring exploration of new creative realms.

Cordoba Stage Burst Electric Guitar

Inspiring Creativity: A Heavenly Connection with Every Strum

Prepare to shine like the star you are, igniting the stage with a performance resonating in hearts forever. Specifications include a solid spruce top with flame maple veneer, chambered mahogany back and sides, and a Fishman Stage Pickup System for amplified brilliance. Truly, the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst is a masterpiece awaiting your touch.

Cordoba Stage Burst Electric Guitar

Amplified Brilliance: The Fishman Stage Pickup System

Additionally, its construction boasts a traditional 3-piece neck and set neck joint for stability and resonance. The Pau Ferro fingerboard and bridge add to its aesthetic appeal and enhance tonal quality. The dual-action truss rod ensures optimal neck alignment, while Cordoba Black and Gold tuners with black buttons offer precise tuning stability.

Cordoba Stage Burst Electric Guitar

Superior Construction: Stability, Resonance, and Aesthetic Appeal

Furthermore, the electronics feature master volume, EQ, and body blend controls, allowing customization of your sound for any venue. Whether you're playing intricate classical pieces or soul-stirring flamenco, this guitar delivers versatility and performance excellence.


Versatile Performance: Customizable Sound for Any Venue

With 22 frets and a compensated bone nut and saddle, the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst offers smooth playability across the fretboard, allowing for expressive and dynamic performances. Designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, it's the perfect companion for stage and studio, offering unmatched quality and reliability.

Cordoba Stage Burst Electric Guitar

Elevate Your Musical Journey: Experience the Magic of Cordoba

In conclusion, the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst is more than just a guitar; it's an instrument of inspiration and expression. Crafted with precision and passion, it invites musicians to explore new horizons and captivate audiences with their artistry. Experience the magic of the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst and elevate your musical journey to new heights.

Get the Cordoba Stage Edge Burst Nylon Electric Guitar "Lita" HERE

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