Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

Discover the Excellence of the ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Tenor Ukulele

Welcome to the Terry Carter Music Store blog, where today, we're diving deep into the incredible ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele. This instrument isn't just a ukulele; it's a symphony in the palm of your hands. Let's explore why it's a top choice for both seasoned musicians and those just starting their musical journey.

A Closer Look at the ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele:

The ANueNue UT214 is a Tenor ukulele, renowned for its rich, full sound. The Tenor size is perfect for players looking for a ukulele that offers both a comfortable playing experience and a robust sound profile.

Top Craftsmanship: Solid Curly Red Cedar

The top of the UT214 is made from Solid Curly Red Cedar, known for its warm, rich tones. This top quality wood ensures that every strum resonates with a depth of sound that is truly mesmerizing.

Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

Back & Sides: Solid East Indian Rosewood

Complementing the cedar top, the back and sides are crafted from Solid East Indian Rosewood. This wood choice not only adds to the ukulele's stunning visual appeal but also contributes to its clear, resonant sound.

Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

Scale Length: Precision and Comfort

With a 17" scale length, the ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele strikes the perfect balance between comfortable playability and maintaining excellent tonal quality.

Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

Nut Width: Crafted for Ease

The nut width of 1-7/16" allows for easy and comfortable fretting, suitable for players of all skill levels.

Lower Bout Width: Designed for Sound

The 9.5" lower bout width ensures that the UT214 produces a full, rich sound, making every note you play resonate beautifully.

Frets: Precision at Your Fingertips

Featuring 20 frets, this ukulele offers a wide range of notes, perfect for those who love to explore different music styles.

Headplate: Ebony Elegance

The headplate, crafted from Ebony, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also contributes to the overall durability and tone of the ukulele.
Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

Tuners: Gotoh UPT for Reliability

The Gotoh UPT tuners are not only sleek but also provide reliable tuning stability, ensuring your ukulele always sounds its best.

Binding and Finish: Rosewood Elegance

The Rosewood binding and high gloss finish not only give the ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele a luxurious look but also protect its body, ensuring longevity and sustained quality.

Neck and Fingerboard: Playability Meets Quality

The Mahogany neck and Ebony fingerboard are a match made in heaven, offering smooth playability and a sleek touch.

Rosette: Spalted Maple Beauty

The Spalted Maple rosette is a visual delight, adding an artistic flair to this already stunning instrument.

Nut & Saddle: Buffalo Bone for Superior Tone

The nut and saddle, made from Buffalo Bone, are crucial for producing a clear tone and maintaining intonation, ensuring each note rings true and pure.

Strings: ANueNue Black Water - A Sound Like No Other

The ANueNue Black Water Strings are specially designed to enhance the ukulele's tonal qualities. These strings ensure a balanced, clear sound and provide a comfortable playing experience.

Crafted with Precision: Made in China

Each ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Tenor Ukulele is meticulously crafted in China, ensuring high standards of quality and attention to detail in every instrument.

Tuning: The Classic G-C-E-A with High G

The ukulele comes tuned in the classic G-C-E-A with a High G. This tuning is not only traditional but also versatile, suitable for a wide range of music genres and playing styles.

Special Bonus: Free ANueNue Premium Hardshell Case Included

To keep your ANueNue UT214 safe and sound, we include a premium hardshell case with every purchase. This case is not only protective but also stylish, making it the perfect companion for your ukulele.
Anuenue UT214 Cedarbird Ukulele

At Terry Carter Music Store, we understand the importance of quality and craftsmanship in musical instruments. The ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Tenor Ukulele embodies these principles, offering a blend of superior sound quality, playability, and aesthetic beauty. Whether you're performing on stage, composing at home, or just enjoying a casual jam session, this ukulele will elevate your music to new heights.

Experience the magic of the ANueNue UT214 Cedarbird Tenor Ukulele for yourself. Visit our store or browse online at to add this exceptional instrument to your collection. Join us in celebrating the art of music with one of the finest ukuleles in the market.

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