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Terry Carter Monthly Planner

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Terry Carter Life-Changing Monthly Planner

“With Daily Discipline This Planner Will Change Your Life Forever” - Terry Carter


  • Monthly Planer (Personal & Professional)
  • Weekly Planner  (Personal & Professional)
  • Daily Planner  (Personal & Professional)
  • Goal Setting  (Personal & Professional)
  • Journaling
  • Wins & Loses

How To Use The Terry Carter Planner:

Step 01: Monthly Planner

  • On the Sunday closest to the beginning of the month fill out the Professional and Personal Monthly Planner (don’t worry if it’s a few days before or after the beginning of the month).
  • You should have at least 5-6 goals for each week for both Professional and Personal.
  • Fill out all 4 weeks even if weeks 3-4 feel a long way away and you’re not 100% sure of what needs to get done in those weeks. DO IT ANYWAY.
  • Professional goals should focus on your business, career, mindset, and investments.
  • Personal goals should focus on your health (mental and physical), family, household, and faith.

Step 02:  Weekly Planner

  • Every Sunday fill out your weekly for both Professional and Personal.
  • You should have 5-6 goals each week for both Professional and Personal.
  • Write down the “Top 3 Losses” of the week. These should make you feel some pain and discomfort. Things you failed at, didn’t get done, or didn’t perform your best.
  • Write down the “Top 3 Wins” of the week. Things you accomplished or excelled at.

Step 03: Master The Day

  • Every night do the “Master The Day” page. YES you fill out your goals for the following day the night before. DO IT.
  • Start with “Must Do Today” which are items that MUST get done the following day.
  • Next fill out the “Don’t Forget” which are items that must get done in the near future.
  • Then fill out the “Weekly Goals” which reminds you everyday of the things that you must accomplish this week. These are the SAME goals as the “Weekly Planner” section.
  • Write down your “Quote of The Day” which can be a quote you read, heard or one that you create based on what happened that day.
  • Write down “3 Things That You Are Grateful For.” This can be anything that helps you think with gratitude.

Step 04: PM Daily Goals

  • Fill out the “PM Daily Goals” right before bed. This should be the very last thing you do before you sleep.
  • Write out your biggest and wildest goals and dreams. These should be MASSIVE goals that feel out of reach and unattainable. The more you write them down the more real they become, and the closer they become to being reality. DO NOT THINK SMALL.
  • Write out your Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Money Goals. Whatever number you originally thought, 10x it!!! The more you write it, the more you see it, the more you believe it.
  • Write down the “Lesson Learned Today.” This can be anything that made you grow, learn, and become a better person
  • Write down “3 Wins of The Day.” ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS end your night with positive things you have accomplished.

Step 05: AM Daily Goals

  • Fill out the “AM Daily Goals” first thing when you wake up (yes you can go to the bathroom and brush your teeth first).
  • Follow all the same steps as the “PM Daily Goals” with HUGE THINK and GOALS.
  • Write out the “Top Priorities Of The Day.” The 3 things that have to get done that day no matter what. There is NO compromise with these.
  • Write out “3 Power Words of The Day.” These should be words that define how you will conquer the day.

Step 06: Journal

  • This section is meant for you to freely write anything, and I mean anything that comes to your mind. Don’t overthink this part. Don’t be self-conscious and write like no one will ever read it but you. Get those thoughts, whatever they are (good, bad, or crazy) DOWN ON PAPER. This will free your mind and allow your creative thoughts to flow. This can be done anytime during the day, but you are always the more creative in the morning.
  • Write down your “Top 3 Professional Goals.” Do not think small.
  • Write down your “Top 3 Personal Goals.” Reach for the stars.
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