Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele Mango "Fields Of Gold"

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Rebel Double Creme Soprano Ukulele Mango "Fields Of Gold"


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The Rebel Solid Mango Soprano Double Creme has the same beautiful, sweet sound with some really smooth highs and a nice responsive bass when you hit the open C strings as the Creme Brulee but with a more traditional thickness body. The extra depth makes this Ukulele even more Concert like than it's sibling. You will find yourself playing open chords like C and F and just listening for several seconds as the note rings out to its conclusion.

It is extremely rare for a new Soprano to have such a refined sound and this Ukulele successfully handles a confident strum without any undertones. In many ways it actually sounds much more like a Concert and has the beautiful, rich tones found in tone woods like koa. You will love the effervescence of this little champion.

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