Kanile'a K-1 C Premium Concert Ukulele Hawaiian Koa "Lilo"

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Kanile'a K-1 C Premium Concert Ukulele Hawaiian Koa "Lilo"

    This is a one of a kind Kanile'a K-1 Concert ukulele made of all solid Premium Koa wood. This is exact look of what koa wood to look like, dark browns and reds with bold wood grains that have some promenade "curl" or "flame" in them (this is the grain lines that go perpendicular to the main grain pattern).

    The "Premium" Koa wood grade is a step above the "Deluxe" grade Koa and 2 steps above the "Select" grade Koa that Kanile'a offers. "Premium" is the best of the best wood grade and will have many different layers that will grab your eye and attention.

    For those that expect their instrument to look as wonderful as it performs and sounds, then the Premium is for you.

    The K-1 model is the foundation of every Kanile`a ukulele built. It appeals to the player looking for a simple, elegant instrument that boasts a delightful sound. Resonance, sustain and intonation are the key to making this the most popular Kanile`a we sell.


    • Deluxe Solid Koa Top, Sides, & Back
    • Concert Scale Length 15 1/4 Inches
    • Nut Width 1 3/8 Inches
    • Solid Mahogany Satin Neck
    • Ebony fingerboard, bridge and head plate
    • Standard Kanile`a Crown headstock
    • Chrome Kanile`a open geared tuners
    • Ebony bridge pins
    • Black TUSQ nut and saddle
    • UV cured High Gloss body / Silk neck finish


    1. Will match or beat any online price for similar new, in stock ukulele.
    2. Free 3 Month Premium Membership or free course of your choice at ukelikethepros.com (Premium Members can gift the course to someone else). $127 Value
    3. Free Music Access Premium Case ($149 Value)
    4. Free Fully Insured US Shipping to Lower 48 On Orders Over $400
    5. Free Kanilea Factory Setup - Custom Setups Available (See below) 
    6. Free Surprise Case “Candy” Included with Every Order
    7. Free Uke Like The Pros Sticker
    8. Usually Ships in 1-2 Days, Sometimes Same Day
    9. Will Ship Fully Insured Anywhere In The World.
    10. Kanilea Backed Warranty

    * CUSTOM SETUP - Each Kanile'a ukulele comes with a nice factory setup BUT if you are particular about your setups, have arthritis, or want the lowest action (how close the strings are to the fretboard) possible please use the "ADD Custom Setup" this page. 

    * A humidifier is HIGHLY recommended with all orders. No matter where you live humidifiers not only protect your investment but also help the warranty process go smoother because you have taken the steps to ensure the safety and protection of your ukulele.

    * Either the Oasis OH-18 or the Boveda Humidifier are recommended and available here at store.ukelikethepros.com

    * You can simply check the ADD HUMIDIFIER box to add the humidifier.

    * An LR-Baggs 5-0 Pickup can be installed for $250. Install times can vary and will delay shipping.

    * You can simply check the ADD PICKUP box to add the pickup. 

    NOTE - You will receive the exact ukulele that is in the photos. 

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