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Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone Ukulele Solid Mango “Nai”

Sale price$709.00 USD


Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone Ukulele Solid  Mango “Nai”

Flight Introduces the Fireball Baritone Ukulele: A New Level of Musical Delight

Flight Ukuleles, renowned for their innovative designs and commitment to customer satisfaction, have unveiled a remarkable addition to their lineup: the Flight Fireball Baritone Ukulele. Responding to the clamor of their dedicated patrons, Flight has crafted a baritone scale Fireball that promises to surpass all expectations.

The Melodious Marvel of the Baritone Scale

Baritone ukuleles, such as the Fireball Baritone, embrace the tuning of the top four strings of a guitar (DGBE). By doing so, they unlock a treasure trove of musical potential, offering a tone that is both lower in pitch and imbued with a warmth and roundness not typically found in smaller scale ukuleles. 

A Royal Series Gem: The Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone

Continuing their tradition of paying homage to iconic jet airplanes, Flight has bestowed upon their newest creation the name Fireball, fittingly inspired by the exhilarating world of aviation. Also, the Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone boasts a solid mango body, adorned with resplendent dyed maple appointments. In addition, every element, from the enchanting rosette to the welcoming comfort edge and the captivating scalloped cutaway, has been meticulously designed to enhance the player's sensory journey, both visually and acoustically.

The Alluring Charisma of Mango

The mango tree, famous for its delicious fruits, holds a remarkable surprise in the world of tonewoods. Additionally, the Flight Fireball EQ-A Baritone ukulele highlights the impressive sound characteristics of mango, which can rival the renowned koa wood. Furthermore, not only does mango wood have an enchanting auditory appeal, but it also boasts striking grain patterns that are exclusive to this type of wood.

Embrace the Sweetness of Flight's Fireball

As Flight once again pushes the boundaries of ukulele craftsmanship, the Flight Fireball Baritone stands as a testament to their dedication to delivering excellence. Altogether, prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary Flight Fireball, and allow its dulcet tones to transport you to a realm of pure musical bliss. Discover the unparalleled sweetness and mastery of the Flight Fireball Baritone Ukulele today.

    Specifications - Body:

    • Body Shape: Baritone
    • Top: Solid Mango
    • Back & Side: Solid Mango
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Bridge Style: Pin Bridge
    • Strings: D'Addario

    Specifications - Neck:

    • Neck: African Mahogany
    • Fretboard: Rosewood
    • Total Frets: 19
    • Nut & Saddle: Bone
    • Nut Width: 38mm

    Specifications - Pickup:

    • Double C1U Active Pickup

    Specifications - Other: 

    • Tuning: D-G-B-E
    • Offset Position Markers: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th
    • Made in China
    • TUNED: D-G-B-E with LOW D


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        * REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY - To ensure your warranty is valid, it's crucial to use a humidifier, which is strongly recommended regardless of where you live. Not only do humidifiers safeguard your investment, but they also facilitate the warranty process by demonstrating that you have taken precautions to protect your ukulele. If you need to make a warranty claim, they'll likely ask if you used a humidifier

        BASIC SETUP:

        • 3-10 Business Day Turnaround + Shipping Time
        • Adjust String Height At The Nut & Saddle For Easy Playability


        • 3-10 Business Day Turnaround + Shipping Time
        • Adjust String Height At The Nut & Saddle For Easy Playability
        • Adjust Intonation
        • Polish Frets & Fretboard
        • Oil Fretboard & Bridge
        • Reshape Nut Profile For Comfort & Smooth Tuning
        • Fret Level (if needed)
        • Balance Pickup (if needed)

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        *NOTE - You will receive the same Flight in the PHOTOS

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