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Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele Tasmanian Blackwood "TAZ"

Sale price$6,350.00 USD


"Taz" video by Terry Carter Christopher Davis-Shannon playing "Taz"


Cornerstone Custom Tenor Ukulele Tasmanian Blackwood "TAZ"


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You wanted something really special; well, this one of a kind, 100% custom tenor ukulele is built with absolutely stunning Tasmanian Blackwood by renowned ukulele & guitar builder Peter Marreiros of Cornerstone Custom Ukuleles?

This is truly a special treat for those that want exception sound, feel and quality. Although it may look like koa wood, the top, back, and sides is made from master grade flamed Tasmanian Blackwood. You can tell just from the flames alone on the top that this is some of the best hand selected wood in the world.

You will be amazed when you play this ukulele; the sound is like nothing you have heard before. Smooth yet crisp notes with great projection and fabulous sustain. I honestly do not want to put this fine instrument back into its case once I start playing it. Listen to the video to get just a sampling of the quality sound you can make with this custom masterpiece.

There are so many unique features in this ukulele that only a master builder would be able to pull off. 

  • Blue Paua Abalone on the soundhole, the purfing, the fretboard and the headstock.
  • Hibiscus engraved inside back! That's right, peek inside the sound hole and see something that I have never seen before, Hibiscus flowers engraved on the inside of the back (see photo).
  • Ebony armrest that not only looks amazing but makes this ukulele comfortable to play weather your sitting or standing.
  • Oval shaped soundhole to help produce extra warmth.
  • Side "flower" sound hole to broaden the sound and looks pretty cool too.

Check out all the specifications for this ukulele below so you don't miss a thing and remember ... the photos are worth a 1000 words (or more).


  • Master Grade Tasmanian Blackwood back, sides and soundboard
  • Modified Kasha Bracing on soundboard with oval sound hole
  • 1 piece Mahogany neck
  • Ebony bindings
  • Ebony Fretboard and bridge
  • Blue Paua Abalone Purflings on soundboard, Neck and Headstock
  • Madagascar Rosewood Headstock
  • Macassar Ebony Backstrap (back of the headplate)
  • String through bridge design with Brazilian rosewood anchor points inside
  • Compensated bone saddle, bone nut
  • 17.25” Scale length on a 16” radius fretboard
  • Hibiscus engraved back (inside) 
  • Laser cut and hollowed back braces
  • High gloss Polyester finish


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CUSTOM SETUP - Each Cornerstone comes with a factory setup BUT I strongly recommend adding a setup especially if you want the easiest playability, have arthritis, or are particular about your setups and want a low action (how close the strings are to the fretboard) please click the "ADD Custom Setup" on this page.

* REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY - I cannot stress how important a humidifier is and I HIGHLY encourage you to get one. No matter where you live humidifiers not only protect your investment but also help the warranty process go smoother because you have taken the steps to ensure the safety and protection of your ukulele. If you ever have to contact Cornerstone he first question they will ask if you have a humidifier.

* Either the Oasis OH-18 (OH-32 for extra dry areas) or the Boveda Humidifier are recommended and available here at Click "ADD Humidifier"

*A PICKUP (several brands available) - click ADD Pickup . Normal install times are 2-3 weeks. If you want your instrument sooner please use the RUSH pickup option.

NOTE - This is a one of a kind, custom ukulele. You will receive the exact ukulele that is in the video and photos.

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