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We did it! Because you asked for it! This is the new ULTP VIP Concierge Service!

Purchasing online has become a really common thing in these times, and it will only get bigger, but we know how complicated this can be for our customer. 

We have so many questions and doubts when we are about to get something new, and specially for instruments, the main questions are: 

How does it sound? What wood is it? How does it look? 

That's why we are here for you! We created the ULTP VIP Concierge Service to give you a one to one customer service experience where one of our experts will help you find the best instrument and accessories for you! 

We are here for you and together we will find the instrument of your dreams! 

What is the ULTP VIP Concierge Service? 

The ULTP Concierge Service is a private customer support where you will get the help of one of our experts in a 30 minute video call. We will show you three different instruments of your choice so you can see and hear them and get all the details that will get you the information you need so you can make the right decision and pick the best instrument for you. 

How many instruments can I review? 

The private video call with our expert is for 30 minutes, that's why we suggest you pick 3 instruments! You can choose any 3 instruments of your choice, it doesn't matter the brand, wood or model. In case you want to see more, or need extra time we can check our schedule to see if we can continue the call or set a new date for the rest of the instruments! 

** Any extra time will get an extra fee to this service price! **

How can I get my VIP Concierge Service? 

This service is set up as a product, in order to get it you will need to add it to the shopping cart, go to the checkout page and place your order. After this we will contact you to set up the date and time of your video call. 

That's why is really important for you to share with us your contact info such as email and phone number so we can reach out to you. You can also reach us at support@ukelikethepros.com or at (858) 256-0570.



- This service is WORLDWIDE service.

- This is not a physical product, with your purchase of the ULTP Concierge Service you will receive a one time 30 minute Online Video Call where one of our expert team members will show and play for you the 3 instruments of your choice.

- This service is for 30 minutes, any extra time will get and extra fee on the price. 

- Coupon codes and discounts to not apply for the VIP Concierge Service.

- If you need to re-schedule your appointment please let us know ASAP so we have time to set up a new meeting. You will be charged for this service if you do not show up for the appointment.

- Remember that there is prep involved involved by the Uke Like The Pros team to get your instruments ready for the call.

- Once the video call ended we don't grant any refund for this service. 

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