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Avid Venue S6L-24C Control Surface

Sale price$39,995.00 USD


Command Your Live Sound Experience

Step into the realm of unparalleled control with the Avid Venue S6L-24C Control Surface, a revolution in live sound mixing at Terry Carter Music Store. The S6L-24C replaces the beloved VENUE Profile console, offering a sophisticated upgrade. This is your festival desk, designed for seamless integration with the E6L-144 engine and Stage 64. The intuitive Master Live Module empowers you with global system control, including channel banking, snapshots, and monitoring.

Precision and Versatility at Your Fingertips

Navigate your mix effortlessly using the central Master Touchscreen, which ensures quick access to parameters and controls. The 24 channel faders, distributed across three Channel Fader Modules, plus two assignable faders in the Master Live Module, provide unmatched precision.

With 32 assignable channel knobs (encoders) across one Channel Knob Module, every detail of your mix is within reach. This control surface supports the larger S6L-32D and 24D workflows, making it adaptable to any setup.

Comprehensive Connectivity and Flexibility

The VENUE S6L-24C boasts local analog, digital, and ancillary I/O, including ECx for remote control and DVI for external monitor connectivity (sold separately) for VENUE software display.

Designed for the modern sound engineer, this control surface ensures you have the tools needed for any live sound scenario. Experience the power of a complete reuse of S6L control surface modules, tailored to enhance your live sound workflow and bring your performances to life.


  • 1 Master Live Module (provides control over global system parameters, such as channel banking, snapshots, and monitoring)
  • 1 Master Touchscreen (central screen for quick navigation, parameter identification, and control, plus Channel and Meters view)
  • 24 channel faders across 3 Channel Fader Modules, plus 2 assignable faders in the Master Live Module
  • 32 assignable channel knobs (encoders) across 1 Channel Knob Module
  • Local analog I/O, digital I/O, and ancillary I/O, including ECx for remote control and DVI for connecting an external monitor (sold separately) for VENUE software display
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