ALL ULTP Ukulele Posters! 2 posters for $25

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Get ALL the incredible Uke Like The Pros Ukulele posters for just $25! You will get these amazing one of kind posters: 

1.- ULTP Everything Ukulele Poster! All you need to know: This 18″ x 24″ one-of-a-kind ukulele poster!! Everything you need to know about ukuleles in one amazing poster!! 

Parts of the Ukulele, Important Chords, Basic Rhythms, Notes on the Neck, Circle of 5ths, Strings and Tuning, Type of woods, Ukulele Sizes and shapes, Ukulele Accessories.

2.- ULTP Ukulele ALL Chords Poster: This 18″ x 24″ one-of-a-kind ukulele chords poster is an incredibly powerful tool for ukulele players, teachers, and songwriters of all skill levels. Learn ALL the ukulele chords and notes on the neck! More than 180 different chords! 

**Shipping and Handling not included**

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